Since its creation in 2015, AT&C has remained committed to core values which are shared by all company
staff. Boldness, high standards and respect for others define both our ambitions and values.

AT&C is a Lebanese certified company, registered with United Nations Global Market (UNGM) Level 2 and other organizations as well as an active member of UN Global Compact Network, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 22000 Certified with a corporate leadership combining military, government, non-government and private sector experience.

Our company has launched a strategic expansion plan, that will allow AT&C to further advance into new territories and reach new heights to become the industry reference as a provider of quality services worldwide.



Maintenance Services
AT&C qualified and skilled staff carry out building maintenance work (painting, plumbing, etc.) technical maintenance for equipment (power generators – low-voltage master distribution boards – machines – HVAC equipment, etc.) and repairs to the facility infrastructure (buildings, equipment and vehicles). AT&C is implementing the EEWORX system, PART 3, to plan, monitor, and audit all maintenance work to be done by AT&C employees. All information will be available at all time to the client on internet.
Waste Management
AT&C services cover the entire waste management cycle: collection, sorting, processing and incineration of household, medical and/ or industrial waste from the facility.Waste management covers all kinds of waste, whether it is solid, liquid or gaseous waste-Waste compaction and removal from site will be under our responsibility-Strengthen environmental awareness and responsibility in employees-Manage waste through the use of waste minimization methods
STP & RO Plant Management
AT&C processes waste water, manages systems for drinking water purification and ensures that the water quality meets the most up-to-date international standards. AT&C also manages the maintenance of irrigation systems-Renowned Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer
-Advanced Filtration methods
-Proven Technologies Qualified experts are engaged in research, planning, implementation and testing
Cleaning Services
AT&C team will provide Cleaning Services on all premises required by the client: -Ensure the daily cleaning of communal areas, sidewalk, external grounds, loading bay areas, all facilities, internal and external glazing -Maintain the upkeep of external all areas to a clean and well tended appearance by dint of high quality standards and competent human resources. -Supply, maintain and replenish all dispensers and consumables to relevant standards
Pest Control Services
AT&C team will provide Pest Control Services on all premises required by the client:
-Responsibility for the control and eradication of insect, animal and pests and ensure an on-going pest control schedule for the entire facilities
-To implement the insect and pest control for all outdoor and indoor common areas
-Carry out regular inspections to insure the effectiveness of the program, as well as the maintenance of standards
Gardening Services
According to facilities and camp grounds in place, AT&C will:
-Plant cutting
-Mulching of flowerbed
-Waste disposal
-Control of populations of plant invasive alien species (Root, waste evacuation.)
-Clearing & cleaning including raking, waste disposal of camp site.
Engineering Services
AT&C has engineering expertise which includes: -Partial or complete designing of camps & clients facilities
-Selecting equipment
-Organising orders
-Overseeing deliveries
-Managing the work and providing support
-Testing and after-sales service for equipment.All of this is managed in accordance with budget requirements, and environmental and health and safety regulations.
Construction Services
AT&C is able to build camps and clients various facilities in highly challenging environments:
-Designing projects (plans, budgeting, construction schedule, etc.)
-Preparing the site
-Coordinating and monitoring the construction site.
-Delivering the completed project
Laundry Services
Regardless the number of staff working on-site, AT&C provides a complete laundry service for all workwear and off-duty clothes for the site occupants:
-Delivery, using a labelling system for each item of clothing.
Catering Services
The meals will be prepared by skilled cooks to reflect the eating habits of the persons working at site. All menus will be planned in accordance with consistent quality and nutritional value.

Strict application of HACCP principles for all services from supply and storage until service of meals and waste management
STP & RO Plant Management
For the daily well-being of the teams, AT&C can also design and manage leisure facilities for sites:

outdoor and indoor sports facilities, cinemas, libraries, supermarkets and special events.


Web design and development

Our web design approach is in line with our service process guidelines. We take the following steps to ensure that we deliver the outcome according to your needs and satisfaction; SOW will always put an effort to contribute towards that end Requirements gathering and finalization, Design and development the content.
Having a robust e-Commerce website is the foundation of your online business, and from that footing we utilize the latest technology to increase your returns.
Our e-Commerce design offers the best standard features and functionality while remaining consciously customizable.
Digital marketing audit
Digital communication has increasingly become an important entry into the overall marketing mix.

Today, businesses are using digital and social media channels to reach and convert customers, but often effort is exerted with limited results.
Social media marketing
Social media should be an essential tool within a business marketing mix to cultivate brand advocates and reach new audience.

An active social media presence allows you to join in the conversation around your brand, promote your services and show case your brand ethos.
Selecting the right hosting is considerably dependent on your needs. Many starting businesses are challenged if asked about the details of their specific needs. SOW will guide clients through this process to determine the right hosting.
Mobile application development
Today, mobile sites and applications are integral to nearly every modern organization’s strategy. With the right strategy, mobile applications can provide increased visibility to businesses. However, one must carefully select the appropriate mobile application development strategy and technology (native, hybrid, etc).
Our                360-degree consultancy approach is designed to empower you to drive a fully comprehensive marketing strategy. We work closely with you to define a tailored marketing strategy based on analytical data and on your business ambitions. We guide our clients with the balance of each marketing channel in mind to maximize your returns.
Content marketing
Content marketing, as the term indicates, is a marketing technique that uses “content” to drive a targeted audience to take an action intended by the marketer.

Infographics, videos, podcasts, and web pages are examples of content that a business can use.
Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing is yet another effective internet marketing technique that primarily aims to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) mainly through paid advertising. When it comes to advertising, the basic principles apply.
Conversion rate optimisation
Conversion on a website is the general term for a visitor completing a site predetermined target. The most prominent conversion is to do with converting a website visitor into an actual purchaser. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is not an isolated action or a single event.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an evolving process as Google and other major search engines enhance their ability to track and share the most relevant and useful content across the web. We use content, keywords, Meta data, site architecture, and other aspects to position you at the top of relevant search results.



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